Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dry Edible Bean Harvest

I love Dry Edible Beans. I love growing, harvesting, and handling them. I don't know why. I just do.

These days, I am harvesting my Dry Edible Beans. If you would come visit us, you would find in the Living Room 19 pie pans which each contain a different variety. I have harvested and shelled them, sometimes with some help by whoever might be visiting. I am carefully sorting out those which are not the most healthy or vibrant. I am letting them dry complete before I pack them away in jars for the coming months. While they are drying completely, I daily stir them with my hands. I'll pick a dry late Summer day to pack them away in jars.

As I had mentioned before, my Beans are not as abundant as in past years. The above average Rain coupled by intense Heat have surely taken their toll. Fewer Beans have been produced. And they tend to mold quickly in the pods. But, I am ever grateful for every Bean that the Earth has produced which will feed my family and me over the coming months.

The 3 varieties here are Lina Cisco's Bird's Eye (a horticultural variety), Tiger Eye, and Henderson's Bush Lima. This year, they are among my most prolific.

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