Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yesterday, Hollis and Deleta came over. We were in the middle of finishing up processing the last of the Little Roos.

When we were complete, Richard and Hollis walked to the Cane Field. The Cane was standing straight and tall. They taste-tested the Cane and concluded that it was ripe to the point of harvest. Hollis said some of the water sprouts (side shoots) were not quite ready, but he thought it would be fine. So the decision was made to begin the Cane Harvest and the Making of Molasses this next weekend.

And then the Rains and Winds came last night. We had about 2 inches of Rain in a relatively short while. As I was moseying around in that space between sleep and wake (horizontal and vertical) this morning, I heard Melanie say the "Cane is Flat." Yikes, I started moving a little faster. Sure enough, we had gotten a heavy 2 inches of Rain.

I took a walkabout to the Cane, and yes, indeedy, it is not flat but it surely is down. Assuming one has the Personpower to carry it off, harvesting Cane is relatively easy when it is standing up straight. Harvesting 8-12 Foot Tall Cane which resembles a pile of pick up sticks is a whole 'nother matter. The Cane will try to right itself, which means it will try to stand tall. The only problem is that it can rather create a weaving over time.

We have some challenges ahead.

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