Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making a Home

When we began our move into this Little House on this Little Farmstead in early 2007, we were going to get right on painting and making improvements so we could quickly settle in. I guess the Divine and the House had another plan. At that time, Mother went into the Hospital. (Coincidentally, she is once again.) Painting suspended in almost mid-brush stroke. We delayed then so that we might give Mother our fullest attention.

That delay was also important for the creation of this Little Home. Our Little Home came from a kit which was designed as a Minnesota Lake Cabin and built by the previous owners who weren't creating a Farm. Some adjustments have been needed to make it a fully functioning Missouri Farm House and Home to all it shelters.

One of my biggest lessons has been that such initiatives take time. The project is based on listening to the House. That's a new one. We will always be working toward completion. And that completion is the sum total of the time we are blessed to live here.

So for starters, we 3 Humans needed to discover the rhythm and flow of our new Lives and of a Farm House. I have taken the lead on getting the House up to speed as I love the creation of such things; observations and inputs from all factored into the plan. What the House wanted and needed is ever more clear. I do get distracted with my lofty Human Plans, which usually wind up putting a square peg in a round hole.

In these 3 years, we have been busy beyond words making this little Acreage into a Farm. We haven't had time to finish the interior of the House so we could settle in. The walls were mostly still dark colors selected by the previous owners; we added our own expressions of spackling in an unfinished symphony of sorts. Consequently, many of our boxes are still packed and most of our pictures (my art) have not found their way onto our walls. Some days, I felt like we were living on the back of a moving truck.

Like Magic, Jonathan appeared in our Lives. A wonderful Handyman whose desire is to serve and a fellow Journeyer who is seeking meaning and place in these times, he is helping us complete the painting and attend to some very important details of making this little House our Home. Plus it is a privilege to share with someone who is also seeking meaning and place in transformational times.Gratitude abounds. Thanks, Jonathan!

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