Thursday, September 23, 2010

Preserving Food

I continue to be reminded we Humans are not so different from our Critter Kin in the Wild. We think we are different and separate. But indeed we are not. We are part of Nature rather than separate from Her.

These days, the Humans are focused on Harvest, among other things. We are keeping lists of what needs to be harvested and preserved. Once complete, we check those things off and smile.

Last night, Melanie made Tomatillo Salsa. While we were settling down for the evening, we could hear the rhythmic boiling of the Hot Water Canner. That's a pleasant sound.

Late yesterday afternoon, I went for a walk to make some sense of the feelings stirring in me. My walks in Nature do that. She is my Confidante and Healer too. On the way back, I noted a Spider who had caught a Grasshopper in her Web. She was very quickly wrapping the Grasshopper into her own little preserving container. When she was finished, the Grasshopper was still and the Spider scampered away. I can imagine that, like the Humans, the Grandmother Spider was experiencing some contentment in her Food Preservation too. Her techniques were far quicker and more efficient than the Humans.

Richard says the Grasshopper is probably Argiope aurantia, also known as a Yellow and Black Garden Spider. The photographer was Human and she was Me.

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