Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gratitude for Wood

These days, we are focused on getting ready for the Winter. We received 3 pick-up loads of Wood for our Wood Stove. One was from a Mother-Daughter duo, and 2 were from a Friend who delivered great Wood to us last year.

And of course, we should go back farther in the stories of the Wood. We should acknowledge that the Wood came from ends and pieces of local Saw Mills. And we should go back farther still. We must not forget that the Trees in the Woods give us this Gift of Warmth for our living during the Cold Winter Months. Thank you, Trees! We thank the Critters who made their Homes there and we hope they have found other good places to live and be. And we thank the Great Mother Earth who holds, nurtures and protects us all. We pray that we 3 Humans take only what we need.

We use only hardwoods (mostly Oak and some Hickory) that are well dried out. That keeps our Wood Stove and its Chimney happy, which are essential considerations for a smooth and even Life here on the Farm.

At the end of those Pick-up fulls of Wood which were rhythmically stacked in the shed, Richard pronounced that we have enough Wood for the Winter. That feels really good. Before we received the deliveries, I felt on edge. Knowing we have the Wood in the Shed brings a kind of comfort. We can relax a bit and head into other Winter preparations.

In the meantime, we see a scurrying about of other Critters who are also readying themselves for Winter. The Squirrels are most visible. We Humans are not so different after all.

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