Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teachings Along the Path

August 29:

The Little Roos have grown from Wee Small Peeps to lovely Almost Adult Birds. When they arrived 4 months ago, we promised them that their lives would be short, but they would be very much loved and they would be very well cared for. These lovely Creatures are our Meat Birds or Freezer Birds.

We are now in the middle of processing them for that Role. Of the 66 Roosters (or Cockerels), we have harvested 51. We hold in our Hands a glimpse of the Great Mystery and Basic Teachings of Life. For something to live, another has to die.

Those Hands, which can plant Gardens and hold the Hands of Small Children and Frail Elders, can also take Life. We do not hide or run from these Realities. We try to treat these Teachings with the Honor and Dignity that they demand. We try to open ourselves up to the Great Teachings along the Path.

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