Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rich, Beautiful, Full Fall Day

September 27:

What a busy, busy day. Melanie and I got Rhiannon and Mike off to the Train Station in LaPlata, after a lovely breakfast which they prepared for all of us. We are so grateful for their stay. They planted Seeds here and nourished many that were already planted. We wish them well on their Journeys ahead.

Spending some time at the Train Station was pretty magical. I remember many trips there as a Child in the 1950s and 60s. Dad would drive our over sized Car there and park it perpendicular to the Tracks. Mother, Dad, my Brother and I would take up our usual places in the Car and wait eagerly for the Trains which would show up. Pretty soon the Crossing Bell would sound and we'd watch the Trains go swirling past.

This is the same Train Station where I would take off and return from my trips to visit Aunt Mary and Uncle Wayne in Kansas City in the 1950s and 60s. Mother would have packed my bag ever so carefully with special things to wear in the City.

And I can't forget to mention that Aunt Ruthie, Uncle Al, my beloved Cousin Susan and Jeff would also arrive and take off for Magical Visits. Their visits were always extraordinary, like Christmas plunked right down in the middle of the Summer. Yes, I knew their home was out on the West Coast and that was a very long way away from northeast Missouri.

Just thinking of their travel by Train has alway made me smile. Even the Sound of that Whistle blowing across the Landscape has always brought on smiles to my face.

Mother was released from the Hospital today so we had some things to attend to there. She continues to amaze me at how strong and robust she is. I am also amazed at the Mother Hen and She Bear energy these things bring up in me.

I came home to a much needed Nap. And Richard and Melanie headed over to Neighbor Shirley's to pick Pears. Those Pears are now carefully housed in Fruit Boxes that we have saved over the years. They are only 1-2 deep for air flow and to keep them from bruising. In about 3 weeks, we will process them. Drying and canning are on the "to do" list but we are also looking for other possibilities too.

I asked Richard and Melanie if they thanked the Pear Tree. We try to do such things. Such an approach is more Indigenous. I find it satisfying and right. I find it sad to say that the "advanced" Culture that I come from just seems to take and take and take. I thank the Creator for the Blessings and Magic of this very rich, beautiful and full Fall Day.

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