Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cane Harvest Begins

Richard began harvesting Sorghum Cane today. Since the Cane has been downed some by the Wind, the process is tedious. Richard left the Cane standing that was for now. This is easier to harvest.

He headed right into the downed areas, pulling out Cane Stalks and laying them in the open. When he had a sufficient pile, he removed the Leaves by hand and laid the Cane aside. He noted that Stalks were easily shattered. He wasn't sure of the meaning of that.
When removal of the leaves was complete, he removed the heads, placed the Stalks in a pile for loading and the heads in the wheelbarrow to save for other uses (like Seeds, Chicken Food, Wreaths, and so on).In the meantime, the Chickens were attracted to the Doin's. Melanie headed over to Hollis and Deleta's for a report on the happenings here. When she returned, she let us know that Hollis Dale is soon to be on his way with the Pick-up Truck.

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