Monday, September 27, 2010

Monarch Butterflies

September 24:

These last few days, we have seen a lot of brand new beautiful Monarch Butterflies. They seem to be nectaring on the Asters which are newly opened on the Meadow.

I checked out reports of their migration. Apparently we are right on schedule for reports in the northern half of Missouri (September 20-26). I think I shall report that they were here too.

September 25:

Richard says there are a lot of Monarchs out there this morning too. I wonder when the Monarchs will take off from here for the highlands of Mexico? Their wings look brand new.

While we 3 C's will be staying largely in place over the Winter Months, those beautiful wings will take them to places they have never been before. On our own growing journeys right here on the Farm, we can expect that we too will go to places we have never been before.

Good wishes, Fellow Travelers.

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