Monday, September 13, 2010

Harvest Hum

September 10:

These days, Harvest is the focus. This Little Farm, its Kitchen, and the 3 Humans all have a rhythm and flow. If one listens closely, I think we even hum.

Maybe we are actually doing a kind of Sacred Dance which unites us with all Living Beings and the Earth since the beginning of Time. The Earth produces the Bounty. We Dependent Creatures are on our Knees. I chuckle. That Simple Choice of Words is sometimes more metaphorical as I age. Regardless, as we harvest, we Humans hold in our Hands that which is accompanied by our profound Awe and Gratitude at the Miracle and Simplicity that sustain our Lives.

On this Day, Melanie had Okra on the Dehydrator. We laughed. Her careful attention produced 1/4 pound for the Freezer and for Culinary Adventures ahead.

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