Thursday, November 26, 2009


Yesterday, we made up our list of Foods for the Thanksgiving Meal and we divided up who was going to do what. I love those Foods which extend back to the Traditions of my Childhood, while integrating Traditions of our 2 Families and Traditions we 3 C's have added ourselves.

Some of my favorite parts of Holidays are the Aromas of those Foods in their various stages of preparation. The House just seems to be full of those Aromas, getting bigger than itself all the while.

When I was a Child on that Night before the Thanksgiving Feast, I helped my Mother by tearing apart the Bread for Stuffing. My eager little Fingers would tear away at this important task. The Bread Crumbs then went into the Oven to dry. That soft Aroma wafted out of the oven and teased me with its delicate flavor. Melanie cut up her Homemade Bread yesterday afternoon. The Aroma of Bread was a link in a chain of similar experiences throughout my Life which now connected with this Holiday Season.

Yesterday afternoon, Melanie made 2 Pumpkin Pies. While the Aroma of the Bread Crumbs on a low bake was soft, the Pumpkin Pies with their Squash, Pumpkin and Spices just seemed to dance right out of the Oven past my Nose.

Richard put the Giblets with some Onion and Wild Rice on to slow cook. He also chopped up the Onions and Celery. These essential ingredients for Stuffing just seemed to set the stage for the early morning preparations. Meanwhile, the Chickens were thawing, which brings its own flavors to the stage. (Yes, we are having our own Chickens rather than the Traditional Turkey.)

Tomorrow morning, more stages of the operation will be in high gear. The Drama of Aromas will build to crescendo and, right before our Noses, we will find an amazing Feast.

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Sue said...

We're having chicken also, though unfortunatly, not our own.
A very Happy Thanksgiving to you all!