Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sensory Delights

I continue to be amazed at the sensory experiences on the Farm. They are vibrant and alive. They sparkle with delight. I think surely we Humans would feel more vibrant and alive as a result.

As the Fall has moved closer to Winter, I have noted the "cold" that is found in the Produce. A Raw and Cold Carrot freshly dug from the Garden is a sensory delight. As the Season goes into "Cold", the Carrots (and other produce too) just seems sweeter, more vibrant and alive. Those Coolers in the Conventional Grocery Store are pitiful stand-ins.

We had Greens from the Garden this evening. They were simply alive. Those Greens looked up from the Plate and just sort of said: "We are an 'oh, wow'." That Green was deep and bluish. I should surely need another colored pencil in my Pencil Box to depict them. And again, those Human Efforts to do so are poor substitutes.

Among my favorites of the season are the Apples and the Pears. To eat a Fresh Apple or Pear straight from the Tree and in its Peak of Cold is just an amazing experience.

I am so grateful that our experience on this Little Farm affords all these sensory delights.

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