Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seedy Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread

November 23:

Melanie continues to experiment with different varieties of Breads. Today, she made what she calls "Seedy Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread". Ingredients were White and Whole Wheat Flours*, Filtered Water, Oats*, Sunflower Seeds*, Sourdough Starter (White Flour* and Filtered Water), Sesame Seeds*, Grape Seed Oil, Crawford Molasses**, Celtic Sea Salt, Olive Oil*, Cornmeal* and Butter* ("*"=Organic and No Chemicals; "**"=No Pesticides).

The Title of the Bread is her own. I have to chuckle. The sound of it reminds me of one of those Croatian Words that I learned as a young Child in the presence of my Croatian Grandmother and 2 Aunts. Since I never learned to write Croatian for my paltry few words, I do not know the spelling. I suspect that it was "siti". The pronunciation was: "SEE tee", which instructed one to "sit".

Whenever we visited, we were instructed to "SEE tee" (or "sit"). It was almost as if a chain of words followed: "Sit, take the load off your feet, stay, eat hearty, talk." With that simple word, chairs would be pulled away from the Table. Hands would point for one to sit. Good Food and Good Company would follow. Melanie's Wonderful Homemade Breads invite the same.

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