Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nature's Subtlety

November 1:

The Osage Orange Hedge on the Eastern Boundary of the Farm has now dropped most of its Leaves. A Few Leaves are still held on the Branches as if the Tree is tenderly Holding a now distant Memory of the Growing Seasons which were only a short time before.

I love the Color of the Sky at this Season. I cannot describe it, but it is a Blue which is found at no other time. At this Season, a Pinkish Color seems to rise up along the Edges of the Wood in the Early Morning. The Pink is warm although the Season of Warmth has now past.

When we walk about the Land, I love to note the distinct differences between the Habits and Colors of the Plants. The Mulberry Trees now are decorated with Glowing Yellow Leaves. We weren't sure what they were. Now that we know, we had not known that we had so many Mulberries on this Little Farm. We will have to watch them closely this next year.

I love to watch Nature and her subtlety. If someone were to present me with a series of Slides and Sensations of the Seasons, I would surely want to know exactly the Season on the Face of this Farm. It really isn't a lot different from that yearning one has in getting to know a Cherished Friend.

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