Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am sometimes confronted with my own profound ignorance. I am probably confronted by it more times than I know. Instead of paying attention, I just wash over that moment and miss it. It will surely come around again.

In those moments when I am confronted by such things, that "not knowing" arises right in front of my Nose when I least expect it. I cannot walk away. I stand frozen, stunned. I just cannot believe what I see and how I got there.

Gratefully, I am often simultaneously confronted with an ample dose of humor too. The Humor may arise from inside of me, or rather rain down from the Cosmos on innocent me. Regardless of the source, Humor softens the edges.

Last evening, I was confronted by just one of those Instances. Before I get into the details, I should note that I have always valued my Education. And I am highly educated in today's modern day "off the land" standards. While I never was much on pencilling in that Ph.D. behind my name, it was valued in the academic circles where I hung out for 3 decades of my Life. Ph.D. doesn't mean much on this Little Farm. And it disappears quite appropriately in those moments where my Ignorance arises.

So what happened?

For this Thanksgiving, I wanted to make Indian Pudding, which I did. Indian Pudding is a traditional dish reported to have been at that 1st Thanksgiving.

Corn Meal is 1 of the ingredients. For whatever reason, I decided that I wanted to use the Indian Corn that I had raised. The "oh, wow" moment reared its head. It had never occurred to me that Corn Meal came from Corn and that one could actually grind it if the equipment was present. (In this case, it is.)

I just thought that Corn Meal came from a round cardboard carton with that white haired man in a wide brimmed black hat on that container. I had absolutely no clue I could do it myself or that countless generations of people had done that way before little old me.

So, Richard shelled the corn. Melanie got out the grinder. And I ground away at another little piece of "city" ignorance that had wrapped itself around me.

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