Thursday, November 26, 2009


Our Friend and Colleague Bill Sheridan introduced us to Rutabagas for Thanksgiving in the mid 1970s. Bill's flare for cooking and extending Culinary Boundaries was well known in the North Country. I have loved Rutabagas ever since and I can't think of a Thanksgiving Feast without them.

I had no idea that we would ever be able to grow Rutabagas. Over those years, I remember picking out waxed Roots from who knows where as we would cruise the Produce Aisle of the Grocery Store.

Things are different now. We just cruise our Garden or our Larder which holds most of what we need for our Thanksgiving Feast. We have even more to be grateful for than what we had before.

Yesterday, Richard went out hunting for Rutabagas in the Garden. He came back in with a collection, including this adorable one we named "Rutie". In some ways, she kind of reminded us of E.T. Melanie was so inspired she thought of some special portrait ideas. So I took a number of Photos. Then Rutie joined us for our Thanksgiving Dinner. As Melanie said, "We ate her." And so it goes on Butterfly Hill Farm where we all are seeking to find our Place.

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