Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Places We Will Go

As we have been sinking our Roots into this Little Farm these past 3 years, each of us seems to be drawn to different things. What Richard or Melanie might be drawn to, I wouldn't have given a thought. Yet once the idea is out, we think: "Wow. That's neat. I am not sure how s/he got there, but it feels right." We are each taking Root and sending out Seeds into different places.

In reflecting on these things, I often consider the Lessons of our Great Teacher: Nature. It's no secret that Nature likes diversity. I hope Nature likes what we are doing. I imagine that She has been nudging us all along. I just hope we develop keener senses of listening. Who knows the places we will go.

In the last 2 weeks, Melanie felt drawn to offer 3 Seed Varieties from our Collection to Seed Savers Member Exchange. She thought it would be good to get involved as saving Seeds and maintaining Seed Diversity are very important issues for us. Melanie notes that she made the decision to become involved late, so she did not save Seeds for that purpose. We have plenty of Seeds for the 3 she selected. This will be something that we each will be thinking more about over the coming Seasons.

Seed Savers Exchange 2009 Yearbook contains 13,263 unique varieties (and 20,733 total listings). Catalogs come to Members in February; this is the 1st time Seed Savers Exchange is offering their Catalog online. Melanie smiles and notes: "It's just a big Seed Swap with your closest Friends throughout the World."


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