Saturday, November 14, 2009

Greens Galore

While the Garden is largely put to bed and we await Winter's Cold, we are experiencing Greens Galore. We are reminded that these lovely Plants love the Cool Season. While many did well in the Spring and Early Summer, they got weary and bedraggled during Summer's Heat. And we had very little Heat this past Summer.

Now that we are leaving Fall and heading into Winter, they are just stunning. We planted some on purpose. Others have come up from we let go "to Seed".
"Crisp Mint" is Melanie's favorite Lettuce.
"Forellenschuss Lettuce" had to be the work of an Artist. The color Burnt Sienna from the Painter's Palette seems spattered atop a background of Yellow Green.
These lovely little Red Lettuce Seedlings come with a big name: "Merveille Des Quatre Saisons". We have no idea what that means. Our guess is it is "something of the 4 Seasons". Our Language Literacy Skills need some development and this little Lettuce is doing its best to stretch us a bit in that direction.I grew this Lettuce in the Herb Garden. Somewhere, I have its name on record, but that place and its name escape me now. This Lettuce was one of my favorites early in the Summer. You will also note some Dill which is also thriving in the Cool Temperatures.This Swiss Chard is "5 Color Silverbeet". Melanie says "Silverbeet" is what they call Swiss Chard in New Zealand."Romanesco" is a Broccoli. It comes in Yellow rather than the Green we are used to. I love the Spiral Formation which almost looks like a Shell cast from the Sea."Lacinato Kale" is a real beauty. It tastes good but the Bugs hide in all those little Crinkles. Melanie prefers Red or White Russian because they are easier to clean. I think I like this one best.This is "Red Russian Kale".Melanie planted "Rossa di Treviso Precoce Radicchio". It obviously is not heading up. We "win some and lose some" right here on our Little Farm. But always, we learn.We planted several Greens in the Garden off the Dining Room. They became an unexpected treat as they are quick to harvest and very cold hardy. With a Bowl and Scissors in hand, we just dash from the Kitchen through the Dining Room and out the Door to gather these lovely Greens for a Meal."Tatsoi" is an Oriental Green with lovely heads that look like Flowers Blooming. We use it for Stir Fries, Steamed Greens, and whatever Magic the Chef is creating.

When we think about these Late Season Greens, we note they are vibrant and robust. It surely is "their Season". Typically they have fewer bugs. We still have a few Cabbage Worms, however. The Chickens are pretty tickled about that.

We wonder how long these Greens will last. We wonder what will be the precise Temperature that they bid their Human Friends "Adieu". We also are wondering about setting up a modified Cold Frame to keep them a little longer. I am not so sure that we will do that this year because we are weary, but it is a thought.

In the meantime, we are excited and in awe that they are here. It is amazing how precious Life is when we know that they soon will be gone.

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Michelle J said...

"Marvel of the four seasons" - I grew this lettuce this year as well and really enjoyed it. ;)