Sunday, November 29, 2009

Earth's Basic Rule

I am in awe at the abundance the Earth gives to support Life. She just won't stop. I look at all the Growing Things we have borne witness to over this past Season and I am just simply stunned. Where we were hopeful of a small amount, the Earth far exceeded our expectations. We Humans are blessed to live on a Planet whose purpose is to give and nurture Life.

With the upcoming Wintry Cold Temperatures predicted by Human Forecasters to arrive this week, Richard dug the remaining Carrots in the Garden today. He had the watchful assistance of some of the Hennies (especially Lacey, Button and Pinchey). These Ladies are no strangers to the Earth's Treasures which may be revealed beneath the Soil. They did not want to miss a thing.

That last batch of Carrots weighed in at 10 pounds. Expecting these fresh Carrots will last another Month, Melanie said we will have eaten Carrots from the Garden for 6 months. I can hardly believe it. At that point, the Canned Carrots, of which there are a considerable number, will pick up the slack. It will be a sad day when we need to start buying Fresh Carrots at the Store. I wonder when that will be. It surely will not be the same.

I asked Richard and Melanie how many Carrots this Patch of Earth gave us this Gardening Season. Both said there was no way to know as we did not keep records. However, Richard noted that for quite a while, we were bringing in Carrots by the 5 Gallon Bucket Fulls.

Richard also dug my Glad Bulbs today. While the Blooms were largely spent, many had Stalks and Leaves which still held onto their Green. He was eager to report that Abundance was also evident beneath the Soil. Many Bulbs had multiplied, like this Gladiola Bulb (at bottom) which became 3 Bulbs and is working on more. This was the 3rd year these Bulbs have been in the ground. They came to the Farm the same year we did.Today, we are processing some of the Deer Meat for our nourishment over the coming months. Again, we have watchful Eyes following the process.I count myself as an Observer of the Natural Systems of this Little Farm and the Great Planet Earth. I largely overlooked these things for most of my Life, but I cannot ignore them any longer. I am learning much but I also have much to learn. I do believe that one of her Basic Rules is that: All actions must support Life. Even Death (like the Death of the 2 Deer), which is part of Life, nourishes Life.

Many Humans of my Culture seem intent upon another direction from this Basic Rule. I find that hard to believe. When we will wake up and take our True Path as Living Creatures of this Planet? Such a Shift is happening in our Time.

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