Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grandma Dora Would Smile

In late September, I attached a Statistical Counter to this Blog. The purpose was to gather information about frequency of use and interests of those who might be attracted to the clattering of my keys. While I cannot nor do I wish to know the addresses of those who check in here, I do know topics to which Folks seem drawn.

By far and away, the greatest interest has been in the posting "Recipe: Povitica". Of 149 recent hits (which is probably over no more than 3 days), 72% were focusing on some content version of Povitica. In the last 24 hours, Folks seeking information on Povitica came from the following locations, if given:

Jackson, Pennsylvania
Wadena, Minnesota
LaCrescent, Minnesota
United States
Blue Springs, Missouri
New York
Elkton, Maryland
Winchester, Kentucky
Phelps, New York
Sacramento, California
Osseo, Minnesota
Richmond, British Columbia
Indianapolis, Indiana
Pocatello, Idaho
Broomfield, Colorado
Clovis, New Mexico
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wendell, North Carolina
Rockford, Illinois
Raymondville, Texas
Levittown, New York
Encinitas, California
New Orleans, Louisana

I have been following this for the past 3 weeks, ever since it came to my attention. I have noted locations which included: the Balkans which are roughly the area of the World my Grandmother came from; Anaconda, Montana, where some of my Grandfather's Relatives settled at the same time as his immigration; Billings, Montana, where 2 of my Grandmother's Brothers lived; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is where Grandmother's Croatian newspaper which was her Life Line to the Old Country was published. I find that these subtle interweavings after all these years simply amazing.

My Family and I have talked about the broader public interest in this Recipe. It surely has been a surprise. Melanie and I believe the interest in Povitica probably would be greatest around the 3 times when it was traditionally prepared: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. We will soon test that Theory as we head into 2010. On another level, I believe this is an indication of the increasing interest that many are feeling in reclaiming Family Traditions and Roots. I would be curious to find out more.

Regardless, my Grandma Dora would smile. And my Dad with his wit and his capacity for telling Story would be talking about it to anyone in Town who would listen.

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