Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seeds for Garden 2010

We continue to get Seed Catalogs in the Mail. Amazingly, they are taking on a bit of a different flavor than I remember. Three Catalogs have talked about the intensity of orders last year due to dramatic increases in Gardeners and Gardens. For 2010, they expect escalating interest and are doing their best to be prepared.

So far, 2 Catalogs seem to have stepped up their Educational Information to Gardeners. Seed Savers Exchange 2010 Catalog arrived yesterday and added to the mix a Gardener's Chronology which talks about when and how to plant and transplant across a variety of plants. This is an excellent. Such information is surely stuffed away in my files plus being on individual Seed Packs and Catalog Descriptions. But Gardeners need to see how it all comes together. Right there on those introductory pages, the information is all drawn out visually for us. I could jump for Joy.

While we are programmed not to consider Seed Orders until early in the New Year, we are leaning toward an earlier schedule. We 3 C's will be doing a Seed Inventory in the next couple of weeks. We are excited that we already have many Seeds that we have saved in our collection. Over time, we will be saving more.

Melanie is talking about having a Seed and Plant Exchange next Spring. It is too early to talk about details, but it's always a good time getting together Gardeners, Seeds, Plants on a Spring Day. Sharing Seeds and Plants at the local level is a next step in taking the heat off Gardening Catalogs and nourishing Gardening Traditions in the places that we call home.

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