Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little Bluestem

November 8:

Little Bluestem is among the Prairie Plants we have growing in the Prairie Bed on the Southwest Side of the House. Yes, we planted this little Grass on purpose as it is one of our favorites.

We try to have a balance where we live that includes Plants for Human Use and Plants that Nature finds at Home here. I suppose you could call it "sharing the Land" rather than taking it all for Ourselves. Our Mothers taught us to share a very long time ago. It seems useful and appropriate here.

We find considerable benefits in growing Prairie Plants where we can watch them closely as we go about our daily routine. This permits us to see their Growth Habits through the Seasons. We can see what Butterflies, Insects, Birds seem attracted to them. In the Fall we collect Seeds and distribute them to other places where we would like to see a diversity of Prairie Plants. Plus, when the Seedlings appear around the Mother Plant, we take them to other places on the Farm.

I really smiled at the Little Bluestem this morning. The Sun was shining through it. This lovely Grass was sporting a diversity of colors. While Fall Colors were abundant, we could see a Faint Memory of Summer's Green.

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