Friday, November 20, 2009


Richard tells us that all Summer Resident Birds which are migrants have already left. Northern Birds have been arriving. A perky Junco escorted me up the Drive to the Mailbox on Friday.

Hawks are still moving through. They are simply gorgeous, but we watch them very carefully if they are at all close to the Chickens. The Chickens watch them too.

Ducks have arrived yet many are still up North. A few Geese have been sighted, but most are up North too. We have seen Bald Eagles and when we do, we pretty much stop in our tracks to see those magnificent Birds. The Ones who are here now will be our Companion Winter Residents.

I smile when I think about Critters who might be "wintering here". Most of the Human Snowbirds seem to have already left.

While we have stayed at the same address, we 3 C's have been involved in our own Winter Migration. Seed Stashes went to the Basement today. The Red Wing Mug that serves as a Rain Gauge had ice in it this morning. It migrated to the Kitchen Sink and up into the Cupboard. Woolen Blankets now are within Arm's Reach of the Couch. And all that Produce which came in one Bucket at a Time swirled through the Kitchen and now sits on Shelves in the Kitchen, Dining Room, Pantry and Basement.

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