Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nature Notes

While they have been our companions over the last few months, Turkey Vultures are now gone. They have moved on South to their Wintering Grounds. Richard thinks they would likely still be in North America.

He says that terrestrial Soaring Birds with long broad Wings (such as Hawks and Pelicans) rarely travel over long expanses of Water. Oceans and Seas have no thermals (or updrafts) created. Birds must use a totally different approach to flying and migrating. They either have to be adapted to flying over water or constantly "wing flap".

We Humans look at those small Skulls and nod our large Craniums with some kind of a self assessed Superior Knowing: "Small Brains." However, what those Birds know is amazing. I guess they know their limits. Knowing limits is good. Being Humble is good too.

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