Sunday, November 1, 2009

Between Harvest and Winter

October 31:

After drying, Seeds are beginning to present themselves in tidy little Envelopes. Yes, they are "half Envelopes" recycled from that vast array that comes through the Mail. Soon, even the Seeds will be put away.

As I watch the growing stack of Seeds tucked in their Little Envelopes, I am thinking ahead and scratching my head: What is the best organizational system to integrate Seeds of the Current Garden Year, Previous Garden Years, our Seeds and Commercially Acquired Seeds? I have a basic system in place for the Current Garden Year, which is superb. But the Overall Workable System is going to need some thought. I shall give that a bit of time to cook. My stretched Brain Cells need some time to rest and refresh.

As the Seed Collection for the Current Year is complete, we are beginning to think ahead beyond Harvest. Will we start to finish the Painting soon? That will feel good.

In between times, we are beginning to sneak in some much needed Rest and even some Free Time to do other things. After a very intensive 3 1/2 months, I must admit that most of me is hardwired into operating in overdrive. Is this Rest and Free Time real? We shall have to take some time to relax and truly sink into that space.

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