Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Cards

November 24:

I am trying a little experiment. We have had many experiments on this Little Farm and this is just another one.

I absolutely love to take photos with my Digital Camera. As an Artist, I think some of them are just extraordinary. As a Story Teller, I know they tell a story of our Adventures on our Little Farm.Those images are piling up (albeit mostly electronically). They just seemed to nudge me toward thinking about "Postcards" and "Notecards". I started with the former. It seemed simplest for starters.

So I am using some of them as Postcards to Friends and Family. While in the early stages, I am absolutely enjoying it.

I used to detest writing letters, yet I always enjoyed receiving them. And I especially enjoyed staying in touch with something "handwritten" and "especially for you". A postcard seems just the right amount for now.

Today, I sent cards to Mother and to Aunt Ruthie. I chose the Bittersweet Image because its lovely Orange at this Season has always meant a lot to our Family and especially to these 2 Sisters who live so far away from each other.

I also wrote 3 Families we were close to in North Dakota. We spent a lot of Thanksgivings with them over in the North Woods of Lake Itasca. Connecting at this Season just seemed right. Plus, out of the blue, our neighbor Shirley gave us several pounds of Fresh Cranberries which Melanie worked up. It just seemed like the right thing to do to express gratitude for the Cranberries and for Neighbors too.

I think back to my Great Aunt Della Brenz's Postcard Album from the 1st decade of the 20th Century. While I have seen all these images but have not reviewed all of the sentiments, I can see that those Cards and their Writings were important weavings between Friends and Family Members. Some Family Traditions are just not supposed to change.

By the way, a Post Card needs Stamps worth 28 cents.

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