Friday, November 13, 2009

Canned Meat

We have made many discoveries on this Little Farm. One of them has been the many virtues and culinary pleasures of Canned Meat.

O.K.: I grew up in Town. I am not so sure how I came to believe this, but I did. Perhaps, you could call it the "City Taint", or "Urban Blight". Whatever it was, it narrowed my openness to some delicacies that just were outside my closed and high and mighty Urban Frame.

In those years, I thought Canned Meat was gross. Furthermore, I thought that if you canned Meat, you surely were Poor. I have no clue as to how the Little One that was Me came to those conclusions. But after 61 years, I have thankfully entered a different Realm.

Canned Meat is absolutely delicious. I canned Chicken yesterday. Four of our Frozen Cockerels equals 10 Pints of Meat with some Broth besides. Not only do we have Broth in the Jars, but I am cooking the rest of it down and will freeze that up soon. We will use the Canned Chicken as starters for Soup, and Chicken and Noodles, too. Who knows how many dishes we will come up with?

I learned about Canned Beef Cubes from my sister-in-law Diane some years back. When our Freezer needs space or just before the Beef has been frozen a little long, we pull out the Canner and lay in a supply of Canned Beef. It too is delicious. We like it best so far for Beef Stew. The flavor is marvelous and it is tender beyond belief. We call it "Fast Food" around here, as it is all set to go for the next Culinary Pleasure.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Deer Season. This year, I am going to can some Venison. That will again be a new experience. I am excited.

Those People who canned Meat all those years before were none of the things I remember. They were just plain Smart in ways I was at that time ill equipped to understand. Change is good.

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Aaron said...

I love canned meat as well. Actually, I work for a company where we sell Grabill Country canned meats. Have you ever tried it?

Thanks for the good post.