Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Painting Begins Again

As the outside Chores are closer to completion for the 2009 Gardening Season and temperatures begin to lower into Winter, we are heading into inside Chores. Considering the remodeling efforts of the late Summer and the simple desires of making our new Little House our Home, Painting is high on the list.

I am happy to report that at least for now, we are taking it slow and easy. Sometimes the enormity of a Task ends up defeating a person before s/he gets started. Granted, we surely do have a lot of painting to do. And we will get it done 1 brush stroke at a time. So far, it looks just great.

While we had made progress in late Summer, Richard has gotten us started on this leg. The Dining Room is mostly done and so is the Meditation Space. Yea! Melanie worked on the little Pantry today. Paintwise, it is now complete. We will wait until it is thoroughly dry before we beginning moving the Jars. We are so excited about all those Goodies which will have their own place and be within easy reach of our Kitchen's Culinary Projects.

In all of our remodeling, we do our best to use less Toxic Building Products. They are best for us, best for the Environment, best for those who live near the sites of Plants, and best for all those who handle Products. I could probably write a book about our experiences with these initiatives. They started in 1997. It has not always been easy, but we continue to learn and grow.

While the Public is more and more concerned about such things, Less Toxic Building Products are not always commonly available. Those that are advertised as available have often been "green washed" by Corporations as an easy sell to Consumers with such interests and little skill or desire for their own screening.

Over the years, we have found it is best to have a Guide. Such Guides provide very important screens for filtering Products according to Environmental Criteria. I really do not want to be an expert in all those fields. I am deeply appreciative of those who choose to do so.

We have purchased most of our products from Green Building Supply in Fairfield, Iowa. We have been grateful for their assistance. Our Paints, by the way, are from "Safecoat".


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