Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eating Seasonally

November 3:

On our Little Farm, we eat Seasonally, which seems right and generally is easy. Eating Seasonally means we eat Foods in Season, including Foods we have preserved. We also eat more Raw Foods in Summer or Foods Cooked Long and Slow in late Fall and Winter. Intuitively, eating Seasonally just makes sense. Our Bodies seem to want these Foods and find them most satisfying.

These days, Soups are a draw. I have begun to cruise through our Favorites and through Cookbooks to find starters for Soup Recipes. Yes, we find ideas (starters) for Recipes and then put our own Spin on them.

Today I made Bean Soup, which has been a Family Favorite since the early 1980s. I am also looking for a Recipe for Minestrone, which will probably find its way onto our Table in the next few days.

As late Fall moves into Winter, Soups warm us from the inside out. They are almost like a Fire in the Fireplace. Plus, their aromas while Cooking provide nourishment and appetizer too.

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