Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Back

"Time changes tomorrow morning at 2 p.m. Set your Clocks back."

Special Times of the Year bring up Family Stories. My Family and I have to chuckle about this one.

I am not sure when this was, but I always changed the Clocks, until the years following this particular year. Somehow on this occasion, my Spring went "back" and my Fall jumped "forward".

So I innocently and dutifully reset all the Clocks just before we went to bed. At that time, our number of Clocks was substantial. But that is another Story.

Richard and I got up that Next Morning and went out for a leisurely Breakfast. We passed Churches which should have had busy Parking Lots and Streets which should have been bustling. Instead, all was Quiet in our Town. Even the Restaurant on the East Side had far less Traffic than we expected. Where was everybody? Where were we?

By this time, we discovered that I had set the Clocks in the wrong direction. So on this particular day, we had not 24 or 25 hours, we had 26. It was the most marvelous day, filled with all kinds of extra time to do the things we loved. But I don't set the Clocks any more.

I have often thought about this switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time and back again. I really do not get it. The Sun comes up just as it always has and should. And that is right on its own Schedule, independent of the Time Lofty Humans with their Superior Brains think it should be.

When we were moving back to this area, we shared this little Tale with my Parents. Apparently, they had once also done the same. On that particular year, they found themselves waiting in their Church Pew with only 1 other Parishioner in sight.

I still shake my Head at such things and wonder: "What is the Point?" That little Voice from my Childhood is getting stronger: "Whose half-baked Idea is that anyway?"

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Sue said...

I despise the time change....
I sit here now at 2:30 a.m., instead of my usual 3:30. I wake up every day at this time naturally- Now I have to readjust my inner clock-which is not so easy to do..