Friday, July 24, 2009

3 Hatchlings So Far

As the Sun shifts lower in the Western Sky, Lacey has 3 Fluffy Little Chicks under her. Sometimes they appear out of her Feathers to catch a Glimpse of their New World. Then they drift off to sleep.

We hear the Mama Hennie softly clucking, which is a new sound we have not heard. Where there was silence before, we hear the "Peep," "Peep," "Peep" response of her Little Chicks.

Some Eggs are left to hatch so we are not sure what the total will be. We are hoping for some Hens, but will be grateful for a Healthy Brood.

The Brooder House is really warm. We are making sure she has chances to drink while she stays tight upon her Nest and Clutch of Eggs. The Evening Breeze is beginning to bring some Cool which we hope will make its way into her House.

Lacey should be out and about with her Chicks tomorrow. Those precocial Little Ones will be venturing out into the Big World of their Coop. They will be tasting their 1st Bugs.

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