Friday, July 10, 2009

Sneaky and Smart

I continue to be amazed at how Sneaky those Weeds are. I suppose that Sneaky is a descriptor only a Human Gardener would choose. It is not necessarily the term the Plant would call itself. In fact, "Smart" might be the preferred choice. Their Seeds and Plants just seem to be springing on every little opportunity to make their Presence known in the Garden and in our Shared World.

While we may have combed the area for Weeds, they sometimes hide next to the Plants we expect to be there. It is kind of like Humans who stand next to Someone well known in the Crowd to the point that their own Presence is overlooked.

We have beautiful rows of Benary's Giant Zinnias and Mother's Marigolds just about ready to bloom. Each night as we take a walkabout in the Garden, we continue to comb through the Plants seeking to eradicate Weeds. These days, the Zinnias are sending up buds. Some are beginning to send up tentative Blooms. It is only a matter of days until we will have profusions of Vibrant Blooms. The Humans and the Butterflies will be delighted.

But wait, something is already blooming. Those 2 creamy white Blooms with maroon centers were not there before. How lovely! Ah hah! That is the Weed Flower of an Hour (Hibiscus trionum L.). I took a picture and then pulled the Sneaky Little Critters out. They are pretty and they are Hibiscus, but they are not the preferred kinds.

I also noted that we had some other Sneaky Ones in the Flower Bed at the Entrance to the Vegetable Garden. You will note a Foxtail coming up on the left. On the left of the Snapdragon, that, once again, is Flower of an Hour (on the Left) and Lamb's Quarter (on the Right).

In the background, you will see bare Soils. I am reminded that Weeds love bare Soils and Sunlight. They are just waiting to spring into action. We will be covering the Soil with Grass Clippings one of the next times that Richard mows. This little Flower Bed is just waiting in cue.

What kind of a Blog and a Garden do we have here? One with Weeds. Weeds are a part of Life. Weeds come with Teachings for the Students of Life.

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