Friday, July 31, 2009


I asked Richard about the "Imprinting" of the Little Chicks on their Mother, Lacey. Ever the Ornithologist, Richard said that Chicks typically imprint on their Mothers within the 1st 24 Hours after Hatching.

When Lacey stayed on the Nest for that approximately 24 hours after the beginning of the Hatch, the Little Ones were imprinting on Her. Richard said that is probably one of the most significant things that happens during that Critical Time Period. Lacey must be sure that they are focused exclusively on her.

I have noted that Lacey and the Little Ones typically head off when the Humans arrive in the Pen. That is different from the Little Chicks that are reared by Humans. They do scatter, but they cannot go far as they are initially in a Box. Those Chicks (and later Adults) have watchful Eyes on their Humans as Food Source.

We wonder how these Chicks will be different from those we Humans have raised. Time will tell.

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