Saturday, July 4, 2009

Little Talks

A couple of weeks ago, our Neighbor called to let Melanie know that she had a Henny who had just hatched a clutch of little Chicks. We were excited for her, and of course, have been yearning for the same thing. Our Neighbor has had considerably more experience with these matters than we have. We are always eager to pick up any gleanings along the way.

Melanie commented on how we would still like to do the same, but because of the lateness in the season, we didn't really want to deal with heat lamps and the like. Our knowing Neighbor simply commented that the Henny would be the heat lamp. Sometimes I think we have lived in the city for too long.

The issue of Fertile Eggs once again came up. Melanie talked to our Neighbor and asked if we might acquire some Eggs. Her Rooster to Hen ratio is much closer to the ideal range than ours is. Plus, she has all the same variety: Buff Orpingtons. And Buffs are just exactly what we would like to have. "Sure," we could have some Eggs.

A few days ago, Melanie consulted the best day to set a Henny in our Moon Sign book. That day is tomorrow (July 5). We have time.

Melanie headed out to the Chicken House and had a little talk with Lacey. As you may remember, if you have followed our doin's, Lacey was our 1st choice in Hen to Set. Melanie told Lacey, that if she was really serious about having Baby Chickens, she needs to get Broody.

Two days later, Lacey was Broody. If you have forgotten what "Broody" means, the Hen just wants to have baby Chicks, so she stays on the nest for long periods and is in quite a huff if anyone or anything approaches her.

Melanie called our Neighbor and ordered up some "Chicken Seeds", as she calls them. Yesterday (July 3), 12 beautiful Eggs were delivered. In the meantime, Richard and Melanie have been working on a special space for Lacey in the Hen House. She will sit on the Eggs in the Hen House. When they hatch, she will move over to the Brooder House as the 6 Little Hennies will be ready to move in with their big Brother and Sisters.

Little Talks are important.

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