Thursday, July 30, 2009


Rest made it to the highest priority for this Day. We 3 C's are pretty tired these days.

As we move into Late Summer on our Little Farm, Harvest and Food Preservation are now in High Gear. We are watching our Garden Plants closely as we want to harvest at Produce Peak. Richard and Melanie checked out the Corn today. It still will be a few more days. We also are in the middle of planting the Second (or Fall) Garden. We shake our heads in disbelief: Second Garden?

Sleep for the Occupants of our Little House has been disrupted for the the last few Nights as our Dear Dog Laddie has been barking very early in the Morning. Reared as a Town Dog, which means he slept inside, Laddie sleeps inside here on the Farm just like the Humans. That practice seems a bit outside the frame for Country Living. These nights, we are finding the situation a bit of a stretch. Laddie's excited Barks rebound off the Walls into all corners of the House.

Judging by his Nose, we surely must be having Company outside. We wonder who has ventured close. Our ever alert minds wonder about the Chickens. Richard has gone to great lengths to make sure their Nightly accomodations are safe and secure to the best we can provide. For now, we Humans aren't too comfortable with letting Laddie out at Night. We are not certain as to what he might find or what we would do about it.

During preparation for Rachel's Birthday Dinner last night, we developed a Plumbing Problem in the Kitchen Area. Maybe the Kitchen needed a rest too. The Plumber will be coming over later this evening. Hopefully, it will be a "Simple Plumbing Problem". At least, we are putting that Energy out there.

Oh, and did I say that we were having some remodeling? The Contractor and Crew should be here any day.

Rest and Reserves are important. We moved pretty slowly today. Even the Hennies only laid 5 Eggs. I think I can speak for the Humans: Some Rest felt good. We can't give out more than we replenish. Self Care is essential.

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