Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spider's Web

On my early Morning Walk, I saw a Myriad of Spider Webs which I would have missed before. The Dew and the New Day's Sun lit them up like the Meadow's own gentle version of Human Neon Signs.

As I was waking this Morning, I mused on how I love to see the interconnections of things. I delight in seeing how pieces fit together and influence each other. I am in awe of how the subtlest things touch another. I am enchanted by how little I can know of these things.

Maybe that is one of the reasons I love the Garden. I try to be as open and aware as I can be. I am such a Newbie at these things and always will be. Creation is at Work here and most of that is far beyond my Human Knowing.

I am reminded of a Quote which touched me deeply when I first heard it in the mid 1990's. Even today, it sits in a treasured space at the Core of my Being: "The Earth is not only more complex than we think; She is more complex than we can think." Such statements seem to be Basic Truths.

Years ago, I shared that Quote with a group of Senior Faculty who were headed on retreat to focus on the "Senior Faculty Experience". Fully loaded with handouts, pads of paper, pens, and laptops, we stuffed ourselves into the Van and headed East toward the closest Lake. I shared the Quote as we speeded toward our destination. A Senior Faculty Member who was esteemed in our University Community commented that she found the Quote depressing. Our little Community had just experienced a devastating Flood and we Humans were still reeling from it. To which I responded: "As an Academic, I have been trained to continually seek out answers. But this little Quote gives me something that approach never has. It gives me Peace. There are some things I cannot know. It is O.K."

Even today, I still find that Quote thought-provoking, inspiring, and grounding. It helps me to know my place. If Creation could be described as a Spider's Web as it often has, I am just one infinitely tiny piece of a strand on that delicately interconnected and masterful Web. I am not the Web nor the Weaver. I cannot know everything. I trust there is a Bigger Picture. That Bigger Picture is a manifestation of the Great Mystery. I walk this Walk as a Prayer to preserve the Integrity of and to express my Gratitude toward the Creator's Gift of Life.
Note: The Source of the Quote is unknown. The word "She" and the Italics are my own.

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