Wednesday, July 8, 2009

That Egg

Yesterday, I watched
that Nameless Hennie
lay that Egg.
She stood right in front of me,
doing what Hennies do.
It didn't take long.
I could tell from her Expressions
that Laying that Egg is serious work.
Soon, I head the sound of that Egg
touching the bottom
of the Nest Box.
I don't know
who was more stunned,
Mrs. Hennie or me.
I have eaten
many Eggs in my Lifetime.
Standing over every single Egg
I have consumed
was some Hennie.
I didn't even think to say
"Thank you."
In most cases, I forgot
a Chicken was even part of the Story.
When I was a Little Girl,
my Mother always said
I should say "Thank you."
Is now too late?

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