Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farm Food

July 14:

The Smoked Turkey is on the Grill and it is almost done. Yep, the Turkey was Free Range and raised by a Local Farmer (to the Columbia area). Richard and Melanie headed outside to gather Fixin's for Salad.

I stayed inside so that I might finish the Banana Cream Pie. It has been years and years since we have a Homemade Banana Cream From-Scratch Pie. The Crust, which I had made previously, was just waiting in the Freezer. The Raw Whole Milk was from the Cows of an Organic Farmer who lives about an hour away. Those Bananas were not local, but they were Organic. Eggs for the Pudding and the Meringue were from our very own Chickens. The whole process included licking the Pan. I saved some for Richard and Melanie. We all needed to test it, you know.

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thegeneralist said...

I start early in south Florida, partly because hot, steamy weather drives me inside some air conditioned nightmare by 10 am, and because facing the desperate, sprawling megalopolis during working hours is far too dehumanizing. I'll walk several miles, drink coffee, then work on the stuff of income (not hand scribbled, luddite poetry).

My ritual includes only one stop on the interwebtubes before walking, and that is this blog. The pictures and words, combined with prior knowledge of Butterfly Hill Farm(ers) provide a peaceful psychological envelope. Until Susan and I return to start our own garden in Kirksville, to actually live the peace in person, I trust Richard, Glinda and Melanie will continue these moments of sublime context.

Great pix and words..well done (again)!