Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simplest of Things

Yes, I wear an Apron. I think I always have. I remember when I was growing up in the 1950s the Ladies of the Kitchen always wore Aprons. Some were very simple. Others were quite fancy. During those years, those that didn't wear an Apron (especially the Functional Kind) didn't plan to accomplish much in the Kitchen. Not wearing an Apron was unheard of in the Little World that I knew.

While in Junior High, I remember making an Apron as one of my earliest Sewing Projects. It was a soft blue print with folded blue bias tape on the edges. Richard's Mother made me an Apron when we 1st got married. It had a Red Hand Towel sewn right into the waist. My Great Aunt Lu who was an Octogenarian made Aprons for Melanie when our Daughter was Wee Small. Aunt Lu would have been in a Nursing Home in South Missouri at the time. I even made Aprons for Little Girls. It seemed never too early to introduce a Child or a new Bride to a time honored Role.

I believe that the Apron is a Power Statement. Of course, many men can wear and do wear Aprons. Many Men cook and are quite fine at it. Many Women accomplish a good bit in the Kitchen without one. But I believe that Aprons are a statement that triumphs traditional achievements of what it means to be Female. It says in an instant I have work to do to feed my Family. Nothing is more important than that.

I only have one Apron and I have worn it for years. My trusty Apron is covered in Sunflowers which I love. If you have come to our House for a Meal, or if I have come to yours to help with the fixing of a Culinary Feed, I would have my Apron. I do not know how long I have had this. Some of the edges are getting tattered. I even had to sew on one of the straps earlier this Summer because it fell off. I do know that some day I shall have to make a new one. I do not look forward to that.

I am actually quite proud of this Apron. Its wear is a statement about the many Foods I have prepared for my Loved Ones and the Loving Kindness I have tried to integrate into their preparation. Granted, I think I am better at that now.

I noticed recently that the Tummy Part of the Apron is beginning to take on a Darker Color. That Stain kind of looks like Soiling or Grease. Washing will not take it out and it does not bother me a bit. That must have come from leaning up against the Sink or the Counter while I have done Dishes or made Pie. I remember that Richard's Mother had a similar spot on her Apron.

I know that different Walks of Life have Badges or Insignias to wear designating elevated States or Achievements. That Apron and that Soiled Front are Mine.

I do know that Aprons have fallen out of favor for some. To me, they are among the Simples of Things. I think it is high time we brought them back.

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Laurie said...

What? Long sleeves? How I miss Kirksville!!

Love to your Mom.

Laura Settlage Tanner