Saturday, July 25, 2009


After Lunch today, we headed back out to Brooder House. We just couldn't wait any longer to check on the Mama and her Brood. Truthfully, I couldn't wait. It was me that couldn't wait. Everyone was really excited, but I surely tipped the scales and to the Brooder House we 3 Humans went.

Lacey does have 5 little Peeps. They are just Balls of Fluff. She still has 5 Eggs underneath. Richard tells us that soon, she will make a choice to abandon the unhatched Eggs. If she doesn't, we may do this either this evening or tomorrow morning.

Those Baby Chicks are awfully cute. After taking Pictures, I headed back inside to work on the Blog. Melanie says that Lacey ate from her Food Dish and clucked to her little Babes. They came over. Some ate. She drank from the Water Container. They watched her. Some even had a drink of Water. Melanie tells me that as of this moment, they have headed into Naps. I think that is a Very Good Idea.

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Sue said...

Chicks are so much fun to watch. Lacey sounds like she's a good mom.
I saw on your side notes that you are up to 49 quarts of beans. We have not had the warmth to get the beans producing yet.....I hope I get some soon. Beans fresh from the garden are a taste of heaven!