Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Littles

Last Night, Richard and Melanie moved the 6 Black Australorp Pullets from their Little House over to the Hen House where their Big Brother and Sisters reside. That 1st Night, they nestled in the East Side of the House on the Floor as all the Roost Places were filled with the Regulars.

Early this Morning, the Littles waited patiently and politely until most of the Bigger Ones had left the House. Then they made their way into their Bigger World. I don't speak "Chicken" and they don't speak "English", but I do wonder what they were saying and what they were thinking on this very Big Day.

Overall, the Expanded Flock seemed to get along nicely. The Littles stayed close to the House but darted about looking for Bugs. Melanie noted that their Crops were full this Evening. Surely that must mean it was a Good Day.

As Daylight waned, the Littles were still chasing Bugs. Their Bigger Siblings stood in the way of their new House, so they headed back to their Old Digs and snuggled down in the Grasses. As the way cleared and the Bigger Ones were settling into their Roost Places for the Evening, most of the Littles found their way into their New Home. Only 2 needed a little assistance.

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