Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Greeting the Day

Richard and Melanie went to Wren Song early this Morning. At Ethan's request, Richard was leading a Bird Walk. I stayed behind.

Usually, Richard lets out the Chickens. Because it was very early, he didn't this Morning. He and Melanie intended to let them out when they returned.

I listened to the increasing racket in the Chicken Houses. As the Day grew brighter and the heat got warmer, the Chatter approached characteristics of Din. I began to wonder if they might be deconstructing the lovely interiors of their Chicken Houses. It was time to let them out.

Watching the Chickens as they leave their Houses in the Morning is truly one of my favorite spectacles of Farm Life. I don't think any of the 3 of us ever tire of it. They are just amazing. Their antics bring Smiles.

I headed out with my Camera, wondering if by some sheer form of Luck, I could actually capture Photos. The Events of Our Feathered Companions Leaving the Chicken House in the Morning happen very fast. I almost need a Sport Shoot function on my little Camera. Oh, well, I shall just click and click again. Who knows what I will get?

1st, I headed to the Domain of the 33 Hens and Freddie, the Rooster. As I worked the Latches, you could hear the Din quiet a bit. "I think someone is there." "It doesn't sound like the Tall Featherless One with White Top." "I think She is going to let us out."

I held up my Camera while I opened that last Latch. Out they poured, like a River of Chickens. I really have to keep trying to take pictures of this; this is the only one I captured today. I think I just got all tied up in Smiles.

Next, I headed to the Rooster House. The Interior of their House was decidedly Quieter. But once I opened their Double Doors, those 50 Cockerels who are now about half grown were full of Excitement for the beginning of the Day. Some came flying through the Air with such imaginative forms. In no way, were any of them going to miss even a split second of the Beginning of this Lovely Summer Day. Standing in their Coop, I felt like I was in a Popcorn Popper of Chickens. They headed straight for a Feast of Early Morning Bugs.
I headed to the Brooder House where the 6 Black Australorps luxuriated in quiet contentment. I wondered how they would come out of their Little House. I stepped back as I was prepared for a mini-explosion of Feathered Excitement. To my surprise, they simply quietly came to the Door. Then, one by one, they stepped out. Their Beautiful Day had begun.

When I was working, I was continually noting the fact that many People were dragging themselves into the Next Day, and into Jobs they were not Particularly Thrilled About. I remember watching the Glum Looks of Drivers as I watched at a Traffic Light. I surely think that Humans could usually little bit of that Chicken Excitement as we are given the Gift of Another Day.

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