Saturday, July 25, 2009

Basic Stats: Green Beans

Years ago, Richard and I had to have "Stats" associated with research in our programs of study. Over the years, we noted other places where "Stats" were used. Sports would certainly be an example.

On our Little Farm, we are gathering our own Stats. Richard has come up with the following "Stats" for Green Beans:

(1) Each Quart contains about 1 Pound of Raw Green Beans.
(2) Richard believes that each Quart takes about 30 Minutes to prepare, counting Picking, Snapping, Canning. That does not count getting the Soil ready, Planting and Weeding.
(3) The Picking and Snapping of Beans is a Meditative Process. The End Result is a kind of Calm that cannot be quantified. The Satisfaction that comes from eating Food that comes from your own Land and your own Hand also cannot be quantified.

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