Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lacey's On the Nest

Lacey is on the Nest. Today she begins incubating those 12 beautiful Eggs.

We followed just about every detail we could think of on the "Hen to Set Saga" of this Blog the last go-around. We were so excited. We could hardly contain ourselves.

This time, we Humans, who seem to think we should know quite a bit because of our Superior Brains and because we possess Superior Books written by Authors who know a lot of Stuff, are going to let Lacey do it her way. At least, we will for the most part. We shall try to practice with a little more humility this time and give her more privacy about such matters.

So, I will not be writing a lot. We will give occasional updates.

As you may recall, incubation for Chickens is 21 days. That means that if all goes well, Lacey should have some Baby Chicks about July 26. In the meantime, we Humans will be sufficiently distracted with our own full slate of activities.

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