Monday, July 13, 2009

The Littles and the Bigs

The Baby Chicks of the Season are Little no longer. While not Full Grown, they surely do not look like the Baby Chicks that came to us in that Postal Box just 10 short weeks ago.

Both the Cockerels and the Pullets are fully feathered. The White Rock Cockerels are pure White. The Black Australorp Pullets are almost completely Black. Even their Legs are Black. But their Toenails are Creamy Colored.

Richard and Melanie have both noted that a few of the Cockerels are beginning to crow. Now, please bear in mind that those 1st Crows are not the work of a Rooster who has had a lot of Practice. Sometimes, the Crows escape from them in such a way that it seems a surprise for both the Crower and the Listener.

I really didn't think that I had heard any of them Crow until this Morning. I heard a distinctive Cockle Doodle Do-Like Sound. It sounded like the Little Guy tried to Crow and it got caught in his Throat. Intention is everything.

I headed to the Rooster Pen to snap some Pictures. What is a Blog Entry without Pictures? I made the Mistake of carrying a White 2 Gallon Bucket to use as a Seat. Richard carries those Buckets to the Pens and they are filled with Tasty Treats. Needless to say, I immediately attracted a lot of attention. Even more interesting than an Empty Bucket were the Ties on my Pants. Once upon a time, they were tied in Bows. I think the Little Roosters liked my Yellow Shoes. They said their beautiful Feet are Yellow too.The Black Australorp Pullets have adjusted well to their new home with their Big Sisters and their Rooster Freddie. The Bigger Chickens seem to have accepted that the Littles are now part of the Flock.

The Littles still are a bit shy around the Bigger Ones, giving them the respect of their Age and Experience. The Little Pullets are beginning to occupy Rungs on the Ladder as Roost Places at Night. This seems to happen more frequently and earlier. We Humans take that to mean that everyone is settling in.

During the Day, the Little Pullets hang out close to the Hen House or their previous 2 Homes which are close by. They started out in the Rooster House (which is where the Cockerels are) and then progressed to the Brooder House (which now is Lacey's Home). Sometimes they even seem to remember those Cockerels when they hang out just beyond their Fence, but who knows about these things?

Once in a while, those Pullets venture out a little farther. They usually stay in their little groups. These excursions don't last very long and then they run back to the Hen House. Their Human Companions just smile.

Today, Richard and I moved Lacey over to the Brooder House. Richard held Lacey and she clucked all the way. That Cluck is characteristic of a Broody Hen who is stating quite clearly that she is annoyed. I picked up the Eggs from her perfectly constructed Bowl Shaped Nest. I packed them carefully in straw so as to hold them gently on the short walk to the Brooder House.

Melanie had arranged Straw in the Brooder House as best she Humanly could. Lacey scratched around outside the House and then abruptly went inside. You could almost hear her say: "Who built this Nest?" "Cluck." "What were they thinking when they built it?" "Cluck. Cluck." "I've got to fix this Nest." "Cluck. Cluck. Cluck." And so she settled in to her new Digs.

Depending on how you count it, Lacey is on Day 9 of the 21 Days that it takes for the Little Ones to Hatch. That assumes that all goes well and that is what we hope. We are surely giving her a lot more space this time.

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