Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bean Time Continues

These days, our 2 Green Bean Patches are quite Prolific. And the Beans are simply beautiful. In fact, they are the most beautiful Green Beans that I have ever seen. So far, that quality is very consistent.

I asked Richard what he thought the Reason/s might be. He has observed that Green Beans grown on Plants surrounded by Straw Mulch tend to have less Disease and less Damage than those on bare Soil. Plus, they are just "cleaner" without residues of Soil.

In addition, he daily scatters Chicken Poop from the Chicken Nest Boxes onto the Soil. He does this to keep the Nest Boxes clean. He has scattered Chicken Poop in the areas of the Bean Patches. Since Fresh Chicken Poop is "hot", he is careful not to scatter more than just a little in any one spot. He never places this rich Organic Material right next to the Plants. We believe we are reaping the rewards of the Chickens' Gifts in increasing Soil Vitality from this practice over time. The City Me used to think of Chicken Poop and I would wrinkle my Citified Nose. But these days, the Country Me is rejoicing in this Natural Fertilizer and I smile.

These days, Green Beans are coming into the House in the Bucket Fulls. Richard said this Evening that he has 40 Pounds of Snapped Green Beans in Plastic Bags in the Downstairs Refrigerator. Those 8 Gallons will yield at least 35 Quart Jars of Green Beans to add to our Store. Considering that we already have 48, that should give us 84 Quarts. His original goal was 80-100 Quarts.

Richard has the Canning Equipment all lined up in the Kitchen as we go to Bed this Evening. He usually gets up early. Tomorrow, the Little Kitchen will be humming with the Pressure Canning of Green Beans. He should have 5 Loads.

We are considering that we will be needing more Quart Jars. We are also considering the possibility of purchasing a 2nd Canner to expedite the use of time.

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