Saturday, July 4, 2009


June 25:

We seem to be in a season of inbetweens. In the midst of these things, we 3 C's seek to find our place.

Nature seems to be continually shifting. Some of that is normal as Spring moves into Summer. Others seem not.

We have had considerable Rain and Heat, more than expected for June in these parts. The Rains come. We cannot get access to many parts of the Gardens. The Robust Weeds come. We seem to be in a race. Who will win? What will we win?

The Heat comes. The Soil dries some before the next Rain. Back into the Garden we go. We choose to be out in the cooler parts of the Day, which means Morning and Evening. "Cool" is relative.

We are continually surveying what is before us. We are grateful for the successes. Most of our Seeds have germinated. We keep nibbling away at the challenges, one by one.

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