Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Beans

July 23:

Green Beans are Staple for our Winter Stash. Before today and for this Season, Richard canned 21 Quarts of Green Beans.

Today he has 28 Quarts in process of Canning. Our Pressure Canner will hold 7 Quarts. He is on Batch 2 of 4.

Each Batch takes 25 Minutes at 11 Pounds of Pressure. Then he has to wait for the Canner Pressure to go down and the Lock releases.I would call all of that a Work of Art. Richard, that Little Bean Patch, Our Canner, and our Kitchen just keep Humming Along. Harvest has a Beautiful Rhythm all of its own.

Assuming all goes well today, we should have: 21 Quarts + 28 Quarts = 49 Quarts. He hopes to get between 80-100 Quarts for the Season Total.

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