Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Melanie has headed back to North Dakota for a few days. We are excited for her. We tucked into her packing lots of Hugs and Greetings for Dear Ones we know and love after 32 years of living there. It was tempting to go too, but Nesting on this Little Farm called.

Last evening, she took us on Tour of her Garden. We received Instructions on the Plants: what to watch for Harvest and Preservation.

She pulled out Maps that she had carefully put together at that early stage of Planting for 2009. Planting was just a few short weeks ago. While some weeks seemed to just crawl by, I am amazed at how the time has flown.

These last few days, the Plants, especially the Warm Season Ones, have been growing at a very Rapid Rate. They seemed to have hit their Stride. We see changes Daily. When Melanie comes back next Monday, she will come back to a New Garden.

I don't think we will be pulling any Weeds. She has some interesting Varieties that might just be planned to be there.

I am struck by the Trust that she could let these Beautiful Gardens that she has created be in our Care. It is an honor and a privilege to hold them for her during this short time.

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