Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds

Richard commented that he had never ever had a Garden this weedy. As your neat and tidy Blog Writer who relishes in talking about things that inspire Great Beauty, I should rather not discuss such indelicate things. But I would definitely agree.

The very wet Weather kept us out of the Garden. The intense Heat and Wet Soils created perfect conditions for a virtual explosion of Weeds. For a while, all we could do was sit from the sidelines and watch.

I also wonder if in part, it was Nature's way of saying: "We must cover bare Soils." I remember the Older Ladies of my Childhood wagging fingers at Girls like myself: "Cover those knees." It's not the same, but touches on similar themes.

If you note, Nature in Her True State almost never has bare Soils. Yet we Humans who seem to think we live outside Nature's Rules create bare Soils all the time. Then we watch our Precious Soils wash downstream.

We 3 C's have spent a lot of time this Growing Season: Weeding, Weeding, Weeding. We have made considerable progress, but because of the size of the Gardens, we are confronted visually with More to Do, More to Do, More to Do. We are tired before we get started.

And, as Melanie has said: "We have spent so much time Weeding, we have spent little time with the Plants." I would agree.

I actually have a fascination for Weeds. We have a wonderful book that gives some of their Stories. Every single one of them comes with a Story. Just as Humans come with Stories, so do Weeds. Many are Natives of this place. We just never took time to get to know them. Many originated outside this Continent. Many of those we brought here ourselves, either accidentally or on purpose. Some were brought by Gardeners to add special exotic touches to fashionable yards. Look out: Once here, these Plants are soon "on the loose". Gardeners: What have we done? Some have uses for Humans.

I shall be writing more about Weeds over time. To dip into these things is actually a journey into learning more about ourselves. We Humans might be called Weeds too.

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